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Bicycle Rental

Rent bicycles and explore the inner part of Sognefjord on your own as part of an active holiday! Skjolden is a good starting point from which to take biking trips to several attractions. The Mørkrid valley, “The romantic road” towards Urnes, or into the Fortun valley to visit Nørstedalseter or Fuglesteg mountain farm, are examples of nice biking routes.   Different bicycle sizes and models are available. City-bikes. Robust and reliable with 7 gears, suitable for both asphalt and gravel roads. Male and female models available. High quality hybrid bikes. “Trek Zektor 3” – suitable on asphalt and good gravel roads. Male and female models available. E-bikes. “Trek UM3+” – suitable for both asphalt and gravel roads. Male and female models available.

Bike&Hike to Drivande Waterfall

EXPERIENCE THE REFRESHING DRIVANDE WATERFALL ON THIS AUTHENTIC NORWEGIAN ADVENTURE! Come along on a bike and hike tour through the natural and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley. The tour goes to the impressive Drivande waterfall, which will leave a refreshing mist on your face. On this tour you can learn about daily life and the cultivation of the valley’s land in the olden days in the area around the Mørkrid valley and Breheimen National Park. You will also get to sample a traditional Norwegian lunch pack used by locals when going to the mountains in the olden days. The tour starts from Skjolden and continues through the peaceful Mørkrid valley by bicycle. The biking trip lasts about 1 hour and is manageable for most, since the ride is 7 km one way on a mostly flat terrain. The guide will stop, show old pictures and tell you about how people lived their lives in the olden days and how they developed their way of living in the areas around Skjolden and Breheimen national park. Hear about daily life in the valley, the moving of cattle and goats to spring and summer pastures, efficient use of land and animals, and the hard work that went into preparing for the cold winter. After about seven kilometres of biking, we continue on foot up to the impressive Drivande waterfall. The hike lasts approximately 30 minutes at a leisurely pace on a rocky but well maintained mountain walking trail. Bring clothing and footwear suitable for the weather conditions and for walking. At Drivande waterfall you sit down to rest and taste some flatbread and cured meat, while you enjoy the cascades close-up and hear stories from the area. When you are satisfied and ready you take the same route, by bicycle, back to Skjolden.   NB! Remember to meet up approx. 15 minutes prior tour departure.

Fjord RIB Adventure

- Experience some of the best scenery Norwegian fjords have to offer! Join us and experience the magnificent Lustrafjord, the inner part of Sognefjord, with its steep mountains and waterfalls at close range on this tour. The adventure takes you on an unforgettable expedition in a secure and rigid inflatable boat (RIB) into the Norwegian fjord landscape. Feel the breeze in your hair and relax to music from the stereo, while you enjoy beautiful views of the fjord, mountains and waterfalls. The tour starts at Skjolden Brygge and takes you along the north shore of the Lustrafjord. From the fjord we will have fine views of the farms and villages where people have lived and worked for centuries. We make short stops at the different attractions along the way for photo opportunities and local history. The old Otta-tunnel, the village of Marifjøra, and the old juice factory in Sørheim are examples of these. One of the highlights of the tour is the view of the stunning 218 metre high Feigumfossen waterfall. If we are lucky, curious porpoises and fjord seals could show up near the RIB to greet us on our fjord safari. The ride back goes along the south side of the fjord, where more attractions and waterfalls await.   NB! Remember to meet up approx. 15 minutes prior tour departure.

Fjord RIB Adventure + Waterfall Hike

- Combine the RIB-tour “Fjord RIB Adventure” with a waterfall hike to the impressive 218 metre tall Feigumfossen waterfall! After an hour on the Lustrafjord, the inner part of the Sognefjord, it is possible to experience the refreshing waterfall cascades at close range. We finish more than half of the Fjord Adventure and go ashore in Feigum. From Feigum we start a 30 minutes hike on a rocky walking trail up to a viewpoint close to Feigumfossen waterfall. From here you will get a good view at the impressive cascades of water. For those extra adventurous, there is a possibility to go even further, all the way to the foot of the waterfall, where a refreshing experience is guaranteed! The hike goes along the Feigum river and takes approx. 1,5 hours as a roundtrip. The trail is a well maintained mountain trail, but after rainy days is can be slippery and muddy, so good footwear is recommended. After the waterfall experience we walk back to the RIB-boat and glide back to Skjolden.   NB! Remember to meet up approx. 15 minutes prior tour departure.

RIB Adventure to UNESCO Urnes stave church

Combine a RIB-boat experience on the magnificent Lustrafjord with a guided visit at Urnes Stave Church – listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The adventure starts in Skjolden and continues by RIB boat out the Lustrafjord. Coming up close to waterfalls, we will also have fine views of the fjord farms where the people of the Lustrafjord lived and worked for centuries. If you are lucky, curious porpoises and fjord seals could show up near the RIB making it an even more enjoyable experience.   After approx. 40 minutes on the fjord, we go ashore in the small town Urnes and start walking towards Urnes Stave Chruch on an uphill gravel road. The RIB-guide follows you all the way up to the stave church, where you meet a guide from the church. You will learn more about this amazing church, its unique architecture, and how it is Norway’s oldest stave church – built around 1130. On our way back, we stop at different sites, like the 218-metre-tall Feigumfossen waterfall and the village of Sørheim.   This adventure gives you an exciting combination of nature and culture, as well as a pleasant visit in the romantic village of Urnes!

Stand Up Paddle-rental

Looking for a physical activity or a fun thing to do on the fjord? Rent a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Skjolden and explore the inner part of Sognefjord on your own! Unlike traditional surfboards, SUP-boards are bigger in length, width and volume. The increased size makes the boards more stable and ideal for exploring the fjord. Come close to steep mountain walls that goes vertically down to the fjord and enjoy the amazing fjord views. The fact that you are standing and paddling, gives you a better view and a different perspective of the water around you than in a traditional kayak. You have also the opportunity to sit or lay down on the board to relax or take the board up the shore. Keep your eye out for curious fjord seals and porpoises that shares the fjord together with you. Enjoy the Lustrafjord as a part of an active and fun holiday!